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CentWise is a Buy Now Pay Later product for micro traders. It enables micro businesses to purchase inventory on credit and pay back after they have made sales. There are more than 8 million micro traders in Kenya and Rwanda. These traders struggle to access funding and we have established ourselves as a reliable partner in bridging their funding gap.

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    We partner with wholesalers who are willing to sell their inventory on credit.

    Micro traders

    We facilitate micro traders to BUY inventory NOW on credit & PAY LATER after they have made sales.


    The micro traders' savings group contributions are used as the collateral.


    Patrick Rukundo

    Patrick Rukundo


    Patrick graduated from West Virginia University with a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering. He has Business Development and project management experience. Patrick has worked for different non profits in conducting research, developing business plans, financial projections, and raising funds.

    Julia Kinuthia

    Julia Kinuthia


    Julia Kinuthia is an expert in bank operations. She previously worked at NIC Bank in Kenya and is an experienced entrepreneur. She graduated from the University of Nairobi with a Bachelor of Commerce - Finance degree. She is passionate about financial inclusion.