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microtraders in Africa!

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CentWise's Digital savings group target micro-traders in rural areas across Rwanda.
These are generally people with informal businesses who not only own but also operate the businesses themselves. Their biggest pain point according to our on-ground research done in 2021 across Rwanda revealed that they struggle to access funding from lending institutions so as to expand their businesses and improve their livelihoods and that of their families.

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    Saving account intended as a cash safety net, to help you cover any unexpected expenses.

    Virtual wallet

    One simple place to manage your money and make payments, so you can take charge of your financial life.

    Intersavings Group Lending

    CentWise will act as a middleman between individual lenders and borrowers in need of financial services.

    Online Dashboard

    The Online Dashboard is the central location to find everything you need to know about your account.


    Patrick Rukundo

    Patrick Rukundo


    Patrick graduated from West Virginia University with a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering. He has Business Development and project management experience. Patrick in different non profit in conducting research, developing business plans, financial projections, and raising funds.

    Julia Kinuthia

    Julia Kinuthia


    Julia is a guru in banking. Her experience in the banking sector equipped her to handle operational tasks in financial institutions. She will therefore be bringing transferable skills in banking to CentWise as she takes over the operations department in the capacity of Chief Operations Officer.